Korea Nuclear Policy Society


The Korea Nuclear Policy Society(KNPS) is found for research, investigation, presentation, discussion and dissemination of nuclear policy and related academics, including South Korea’s denuclearization of North Korea, nuclear non-proliferation, the safe and peaceful use/ promotion of nuclear energy, nuclear security and the successful revision of the Korea-US nuclear power agreement. It is an academic organization established to promote education.
In order to achieve this purpose, KNPS is playing a central role in the Korean nuclear policy academia by focusing on research, academic conferences, and seminars, and exchanges and cooperates with domestic and foreign organizations that share the same purpose.
Seminars of KNPS have been held in cooperation with various organizations at home and abroad, and has been promoted so that social science and engineering issues can be discussed in one place.
In particular, in September 2018 and July 2020, the Nuclear Policy Expert Network Forum was held to form a human network among domestic nuclear policy experts to promote active research in nuclear and nuclear-related fields.