Korea Nuclear Policy Society

NPLI (Nuclear Policy Leadership Initiative)

The Korean Nuclear Policy Society(KNPS) formed a human network that will lead the policy coordination and cooperation between the US and the ROK by forming a community of awareness about nuclear policy between the US and the ROK. Starting with the 1st Korea-US Nuclear Policy Leadership Initiative(NPLI) meeting in Washington D.C. in November 2015, the conference was held by cross-visiting Korea and the United States.
The NPLI was conducted with the aim of establishing a sustainable ROK-US cooperation about nuclear policy, seeking solutions to current issues and fostering future experts who will lead the ROK-US nuclear policy. Through tours of nuclear research and safety-related facilities in Seoul, Korea's advanced technology level is shown to US participants, thereby enhancing the reliability required to pursue a stable partnership with Korea at the 2016 meeting.
Currently, meetings are held continuously in cooperation with the Woodrow Wilson Center, the Partnership for Global Security(PGS), and the US-Korea Institue. Especially, in December 2018, Various experts in ROK visited the Menfield Foundation, the Nuclear Threat Initiative, the Woodrow Wilson Center, and the PGS, and held cooperation seminars to solidify the nuclear policy partnership between Korea and the United States and seek solutions to pending issues.