Korea Nuclear Policy Society


Founding Declaration of Korea Nuclear Policy Society

Today, we would like to form the Korean Nuclear Policy Society(KNPS) for non-proliferation and peaceful use of nuclear energy with the goal of world peace and prosperity.


Initiative of KNPS goes back to the 2010 Washington Nuclear Security Summit. After the decision to hold the 2012 Seoul Nuclear Security Summit at the Washington Summit, many experts, government personnel, businessmen, journalists, and students in the fields of non-proliferation, nuclear security, nuclear policy, nuclear safety, export control, disarmament, and North Korean nuclear gathered and began to discuss ways to contribute to the policy community.


With the enthusiastic participation of civilian experts and the support of the government, the event was not only successfully held, but also raised the opening of our nuclear policy capabilities to the world. It was the result of aspirations and efforts to shift the nuclear policy on the outskirts to the center of national policy.


Korea is faced with numerous nuclear policy tasks, such as a department store for nuclear issues. Role of Korea in global nuclear governance, propagation of non-proliferation values, revision of the ROK-US nuclear power agreement, treatment of spent nuclear fuel, guarantee of nuclear fuel supply, nuclear plant exports, Iran's nuclear issue, Fukushima nuclear accident, export control, nuclear multilateral approach and regional cooperation, And the preparation of the 2014 Netherlands Nuclear Security Summit. Expert participation and government-civil cooperation are urgent.


Through the successful hosting of the Nuclear Security Summit, Korea has emerged as a middle-powered country leading the world's nuclear governance. The international community has high expectations for Korea, which is an emerging nuclear and diplomatic power.


We decided to form the Korean Nuclear Policy Society in order to inherit the spirit of cooperation and achievements of the nuclear policy community created on the occasion of the Seoul Nuclear Security Summit and to maintain the driving force. We look forward to the active participation and support of all of you who sympathize with the goal and purpose of the Society.


8th of August 2012. All of the founding promoters of the Korean Nuclear Policy Society